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  Mission Statement

With a professional and knowledgeable approach, we will earn the respect of the community and the trade. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of the client, by being versatile, knowledgable and within the budget.

Business Description

RJ Austin Interior Design is a family business located in Sonoma County, California, that promotes the design of functional, aesthetic, livable and working spaces with a sparkle of the unexpected to make each design unique.

For those clients that can afford and wish to own the finest of materials and products found in new and/or antique furnishing and materials, RJ Austin has the resources available to accommodate the researching and purchasing of this level of product.

RJ Austin Interior Design will accommodate the client who wishes to capture a “new look” within a restrictive budget. RJ Austin will strive to keep within the modest of budgets without sacrificing quality.

This company has the knowledge, the tools, and the skill of design to transform any space into the client’s dreamscape.


RJ Austin Interior Design offers design consultation and implication in a wide range of styles including traditional, transitional, art nouveau, art deco, Asian, and contemporary.


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