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“Jennifer’s artistry and creativity has given our new project a look that is both forthcoming yet keeps the old world attraction in place. Her dedication and willingness to work with us was nothing short of fantastic.”

Henry R. Belmonte /VJB Vineyards & Cellars – Kenwood, Ca


“I first met Jennifer Austin in May of 2011 when she designed one of the rooms for Fox Hill, the Sonoma Designers Showcase presented by the Interior Design Society, Wine Country.  Because of my involvement in the showcase, I spent quite a bit of time at the home and got to know Jennifer.  One of the things that impressed me was her willingness to share information about her process for design, she wanted to educate people about design.  When it came time to redecorate my living room/dining room I contacted Jennifer.   Working with her was fun.  We laughed a lot as we got things done.

The major areas of the project were to install a door between the dining room and kitchen, to improve the general lighting in the living room, to replace the light over the dining room table and to redesign an out dated fireplace.  Jennifer and I talked quite a bit  before beginning the project so she was right on target with the renderings she presented for each area.   She referred me to artists to create the door and fireplace and worked closely with me, and them, through the fabrication of each piece.  Jennifer designed the can lighting for the living room and worked closely with the contractor on installation.  Jennifer designed and made the chandelier with the glass pieces made by the artists who made the glass sections of the door.
One week before the project was scheduled to begin, the contractor I had chosen informed me that he was not able to do the job.  I called Jennifer who referred me to another contractor and the project began on schedule.  It was a happy circumstance because I am sure I was better served by the contractor who did the job than my initial choice.
What I enjoyed about working with Jennifer was:
  1.   It was fun.
  2.   She listened to my ideas and incorporated them.
  3.   She was comfortable in telling me if something would not work and why.
  4.   She was conscious of cost, some times more so than I.
  5.   She worked well with the contractor and artists involved in the project.”
 Anne Gero -Santa Rosa, CA

“I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Austin shortly after we purchased our home in Sebastopol in 2006.  Jennifer designed our closed-in porch and did a phenomenal job with an odd shaped room.  It was a challenging task because I wanted half of the porch to be used as a play room for my two small children and the other half to be an adult sitting area where I could relax, drink tea and watch my horses in the front pasture.  After talking with me she new exactly what I had in mind; she put together drawings, fabric and paint samples and even picked  the  “theme” for the porch.  This porch also serves as my main entry to my home and is therefore viewed immediately.  I am not exaggerating when I say that _everyone_ makes comments about my porch.  Jennifer has an eye for color, style and design and I would recommend her work highly.”

Tracy D’Ambrosi  – Sebastopol , CA .


“I sought help from Jennifer because I was ready to make a decorating change in my living room, dining room area. She began by identifying the scope of the project, my budget restrictions, and the time frame for completion; then went to the fun things. I was surprised to learn that my color preferences begged for deep contrasts. No wonder I was bored with shades of beige.

She helped me have the courage to go to more vibrant colors. She also had a continuing interest in the progress of my project and would call me from her various shopping tours with suggestions and ideas of items for me to look at for consideration in my remodel. She took me to several local dealers, introduced me as her client and had them go through their stock with me. Working with her saved me immeasurable time and effort, and her knowledge of sources for services and merchandise was impressive.

The project was finished well within the projected time frame, and within budget. Her attitude was professional throughout the project; and she was able to make it fun for me. I am delighted with the results and highly recommend Jennifer.”

Kay Reed- Santa Rosa, CA .


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